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Myths about micro learning

Micro learning is not about technology nor about cutting to chunks 

Microlearning…there are quite some myths and ideas about it. What is it? And what is it not at all? We tend to think that micro learning is about cutting learning content into chunks and thats it. Well…it is not!Micro learning is about small sized learning elements that helps us learning the job when we need to do the job. It is about offering short burst of focused “right sized” content to help people achieve a specific outcome. 

Micro learning is about offering short burst of focused right sized content to help people achieve a specific outcome. It is not about technology , but about modality!

This does not necessarily correlate with fancy technology. Micro learning objects could be screencast, recorded lectures, recorded lecture, podcasts, video’s, recorded powerpoint, BUT they can also be a simple job aid or word document! In other words: it is not about technology, but about modality.

​I followed a full day training with a micro learning expert and would like to share some insights with you via this video. In the near future I will share more insights and tools on my blog.


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